Delivering the news. Delivering the readers.

We understand our readers and we understand their business. We keep them informed, engaged and entertained. Doing so means our publications deliver excellent readership figures that, in turn, form the foundations for exceptionally effective marketing campaigns.

Travel Daily is Australia’s pre-eminent travel trade publication. It is essential reading every day of the working week for tens of thousands of industry professionals. This is the publication the travel industry overwhelmingly turns to for its news.

Travel Bulletin is Australia’s leading monthly travel industry magazine. It is CAB audited with a distribution of more than 5,300 subscribers and a significantly higher readership. It’s what the industry reads when it isn’t reading Travel Daily.

Cruise Weekly is unique. There is no other business-to-business cruise publication of its kind in the country. If you want to speak daily and exceptionally cost-effectively to thousands of people who know and love to sell cruising, look no further.

Business Events News is incorporated as a special weekly feature in Travel Daily. Its online readership is comprised of conference organisers, hoteliers, venue managers and government organisations. This is the publication used by MICE professionals who want to stay informed.

Travel & Cruise Weekly is our consumer-facing travel brand, and includes a highly trafficked website and a fortnightly e-Magazine called Keep Dreaming aiming to inspire and feed the travel aspirations of our highly engaged audience.

Pharmacy Daily completes the Business Publishing Group’s offering. It is Australia’s favourite pharmacy publication and is distributed daily with a readership of more than 16,000 including government agencies, manufacturers and pharmacy professionals.